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YIT Ciudad de Zaragoza

Hotel Yit Ciudad de Zaragoza is located in the capital of Aragon, northeast of Spain. It is an important pilgrimage point with a sanctuary to venerate Mary. The city has emblematic Múdejar style monuments.

Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar

It is the symbol of Zaragoza and one of the more important Baroque constructions of the country. Following the tradition, it is the first Marian temple of the Christianity because is the location of the pillar that, according to the legend, was put by Mary. To enjoy the best views of the city you should go up to the viewpoint in San Francisco de Borja tower.

Aljafería Palace

This construction is the Arabic monument par excellence in Zaragoza. It was built in the 11th century and is the only remain of the taifas times. Nowadays it is the headquarters of the Aragonese Courts.

Give a walk in the building and you will make a tour through the history of the city while you enjoy the ornamental beauty of its wood carve or the throne room.


Among the best typical plates of Zaragoza, is Ternasco de Aragón, pork especially breed roasted with potatoes. It is also cooked as a stew.

If you rather vegetables, you cannot miss the borage with potatoes. This traditional vegetable is not very common outside of Aragon, Navarra and La Rioja, but its flavor will not leave you indifferent.